Shaheen is a collection of multi-dialect, high quality translation systems
developed by the Arabic Language technologies team at the Qatar Computing Research Institute.

Our systems support Modern Standard Arabic, as well as popular dialects like Egyptian, Levantine and Gulf

Translation as a service

Our state of the art systems are available through a REST API that has translated over 3 billion words to date. Visit to register and start translating today

On premise

We understand that privacy is very important for our clients, and offer on-premise solutions that can de deployed and work completely locally without any internet access.


One-size-fits-all solutions do not always give the best performance for specific client requirements. We offer customization of systems using relevant data to build even better performing translation systems!

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Backed by high quality research and recognition

Our team has participated and won several international machine translation competitions, as well as published over 25 top-tier conference and journal papers

Our team has collaborated with partners around the world, such as MIT, University of Edinburgh, UN, AlJazeera to name a few.

Shaheen has received accolades and recognition from both academic as well as news media

Our systems are deployed both locally and internationally, as part of several projects like SUMMA